Remember when you were asleep
Wasn’t that much better
All cozy comfort in the sheets
Wrapped in a big dream sweater

You may not be having any fun
But you’re not hurting anyone 
Go back to sleep

Remember when you were alive
Isn’t this much better
You had to have so much drive
And be a real go-getter

You may not be getting
anything done
But you’re not hurting anyone

Go back to sleep
And dream of a world where
nothing’s changed
Go back to sleep
Though your waking life is 

There is no pain
There isn’t anything
It’s not even real
It’s all the same
Tattered visions divined
Just to make us feel

Remember when you were awake
Isn’t this much better
You made a deal with that snake
Now you’re this forever

You may never see the setting sun
But you’re not hurting anyone


Black Paint

I hate the ticking of a clock
Can’t stand the beating of my heart
Show me a mirror and I’ll break it
Frozen image, work of art

I smell the cycles of the moon
I can feel the building shake
I always feel like I move
It’s almost more than I can take
Take your hair
Dip it in black paint
Paint your tongue, black
Never look back

I’ve got an unquenchable thirst
My skin is sensitive to touch
Sensations always hurt
But I never felt that much

In regards to theft blame the thief
No tree left un-hewn
Consider my patience tested
I won’t even leave a ruin

Snake Goddess

I want my bones to crack
I wanna be too hot
Permit any attack
Be it minor or not

When will the day come
When I push too hard
Realize true form
Or end up scarred

I may be different
In the bad way           
That gives me no right
To do and to say
All those 
terrible things
The terrible things that I do 

My claws buried, deep 
Into my palms
Blood flowing free
Psalms 79:3

See all minor acts
As an enormous offense
All my victories
Call for indifference

My world feels small 
As small as it is
And when I push out
I feel no resistance

You may be different
In the good way
But that gives you no right
To do and to say
All those terrible things 
The terrible things that you do

My claws buried, deep 
Into my palms
Blood flowing free
Psalms 79:3

They call me poison
Because I am poison.
I am the rash
Feel proud of your treason

No meaningless task
Completed without frisson
No minor distraction
Ignored no matter the reason

I am the poison
And I will leave
None left to bury the dead

I may be bad
In the good way
But that gives me no right
To do and to say
All those terrible things 
The terrible things that I do

My claws buried, deep 
Into my palms
Blood flowing free
Psalms 79:3 



They don’t make glasses
Or braces
That can fix this
Most people don’t even know a thing about it

I am alone, I am afraid                         
Part of me wonders
If I’ll wake up still
I’m out at night, I don’t know why
Lingering instinct or newfound thrill
I wanna sleep for a thousand years
But I can barely manage four hours
Birth of a star, or something worse
Relentlessly blasphemous 

Only the good die tragically
Only the bad live in infamy
So let’s be bad, let’s be bad
And live forever

Only the good guys
Have something to lose
The bad don’t love
They have nothing to bruise
So they can’t die, they can’t die
Let’s be bad

They don’t have doctors
Or nurses
That can treat this
Most people don’t even know a thing about it

It’s in the blood, It’s in the bones
If I could rip it out I would
I am the wolf, I am the man
Indeterminably bad or good

Don’t make me laugh, 
don’t make me cry
Don’t let me down, don’t let me die

 God of the sky, 
 a failed sun
 A raging storm
 in front of everyone


City of the Living

Things could be worse
You’ve still got your health
In spite of the curse

Is it the same thing
To want to be the wolf
And actually be the wolf

Who made the monster
I turned out to be
Was it me

I don’t want to want you to be
The person I want you to be
But I do
So I stay far away from you

Knowing I’m the problem
Doesn’t fix the situation
But It doesn’t hurt

Spine of wishbones
Overdue books and delinquent loans
Red alert


Show Pony

Some day I’ll die
And if I don’t 
So much the worse
So much the worse

I was finite
In a probably finite world
But now that’s changed
The rest of my life before me 

Are we alive
Or just loaning life from god
And paying our debt by falling in love and losing it all 

In a million billion years
Our planet won’t still be here
Will I

I’ve got powers beyond imagination 
More than mere prestidigitation 
But how far will I go
To reinvent myself 

I keep all the things I don’t want outside in
No such thing as a perfect prison
Use all the silver you want
Nothing at all will help

Was I bit
Or was I born this way
I’ll need new clothes new shoes
And a new sobriquet

Am I the wolf
Or am I really just the man
Where do I stop and
Where does he start
And when will it end


Overloud Heart

I’m shaky with my step
With every foot fall I feel
Like I might lose it
Are people looking my way
At an aesthetic as meaningless as counterfeit 

Fix my eyes on
Fix my eyes on the horizon
Wish I could think like them
Feel like the points
In an un-mapped constellation 

I’ll need a haircut I suppose
But that’s not what you
Call that any more
I wake up late, I wanna die
I am a raging, burning civil war

If you cut me will I bleed
And if I do, what color will it be
If I’m asked I will not know
What it is that has become of me

Focus on my limbs
My arms and legs all
Working in tandem
I can get through this

Synapses shoot like memorandums 
This is why we
This is why we can’t have nice things
Silver intolerance
Curse the name of the king of kings


Casio Argento

What words
Can you put in a song
To make people stop thinking
And just sing along

Show them your heart
Hidden in plain sight
In calcium light

No one likes a slow song
They like em short, don’t play too long
They’re not looking at you
They don’t see that you don’t belong

So play fast, and play hard
Play so loud that they turn around
If they sneer, or if they cheer
Meet any reaction with a
Wall of sound 

Play just well enough
So that they zone out
They won’t notice
When your words don’t rhyme

Center stage
Where they look through you
C’mon put on a show
I know you’re dying to


Fix it in Post 

We’ll pave over plot holes
We edit out the lows
Like they do on our favorite shows
They all fix it in post

Take all day to get the shot
And if by chance they fuck it up
They’ll just have to use what they got
And they fix it in post

We’ll fix it in post

That much closer to death
We’re all holding our breath
We all slow to a coast
We make love like a ghost

Which tests well with the young
Maybe that’s why it’s sung
Can’t tell that it’s overdubbed
‘Cause they fix it in post

We fix it in post

You don’t see any pain
The colors are flush not plain
It all looks preordained
‘Cause we fixed it in post

Programmed artificial rain
Patterns on the windowpane
We got it spell your name
‘Cause we fixed it in post

We fixed it in post


Size of Cinema

Let’s rob banks
Use our powers for
Evil instead of good
Ditch the loot
Drive aimlessly around the 

For god’s sake
Do one thing to make us feel alive
If I don’t leave
The house, I don’t think
That I’ll survive

For the first time ever
I wanna run, I wanna bleed
Put my best face foreword 
I wanna rule, I wanna lead

I pray for power
I wish for some semblance of control
Disposition dour
As above, so below

Let kingdom come

They call me Errol) Flynn 
No they don’t
They don’t call me anything
Be the first to swing 
Lean into every approaching sling

Win every fight 
Even with your sisters, in a dream
Curl up your fists, asleep
Show them exactly what you mean



There’s nothing like the silence the snow brings
When my telephone rings
My heart sings 

Is it you
On the other line
Calling to change my mind

My heart beats
So hard that it skews my sight
We’re not gonna be alright
At the end of the night

I am a siphon
I am a seave
I am a catalyst
I am a conduit

It’s the real world
With real people in it

I am a brush fire
I am a leaf
I am a hurricane
I am a monument

To the real world
The real people in it

Learning to love the silence 
My house brings
Now empty of your things
My heart clings

The old you 
Though you were never there
You were as air

My heart beats
So slow and with clean blood
Levies open after the flood
New flesh, new bud


Take a Look at Virginia

I am the star burning
Through the midday sky
I am the long shadow
When the sun is high

I am mercury
Fighting a desert
Carving grooves in to stone
Nothing left to divert

But take a look at Virginia
‘Cause she’s doing fine
She’s got a hold of her limerence
And I’ve got a hold mine

Take a look at Virginia
Charlotte, Theo, and Elliot
And a wave of belligerence
Crashing over the parapet

But take a look at Virginia
‘Cause she’s doing fine

I am a heavy neutrino
I am a liminal space
I am a camera
I am an interface

Deep in the rings of Saturn
Thrive thieves and shepherds
No celestial bodies
Long remain un-tethered

Take a look at Virginia
Now she’s on top
She’s got a hold of her limerence
Nothing can make her stop

Take a look at Virginia
Pythagoras and Mandelbrot
Quiet heart now vociferous
A Guinevere for a Lancelot

But take a look at Virginia
Now she’s on top